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Our Featured Luthiers

Manuel Adalid (Spain)

    Manuel Adalid Balbuena, born in 1951 in Valencia, from an early age and with full dedication, was instructed in the craft of guitar maker by two great masters, Don Antonio Monfort and his father D. Manuel Adalid Lazaro. Due to his capacity and good work, in 1980 he took over the workshop. With…

Steve Toscano (Australia)

One of the worlds top up and coming luthiers proudly represented exclusively here in Europe through Guitar Gallery. Steve Toscano’s instruments are in ever growing high demand, I feel he is fast on the way to becoming one of the greats. And with many years ahead of him, his prices increasing with demand, this young…

Hermann Hauser (Germany)

A luthier who needs no introduction Hermann Hauser III consequently continues his great ancestors´philosophy. “Only build few instruments, so that you can vouch for each single instrument, and only work for few, but content artists”. (Hermann Hauser I). Beginning in 1974, Hermann Hauser III and his father built guitars independently in the same workshop. Hermann…