Steve Toscano (Australia)

One of the worlds top up and coming luthiers proudly represented exclusively here in Europe through Guitar Gallery.
Steve Toscano’s instruments are in ever growing high demand, I feel he is fast on the way to becoming one of the greats.

And with many years ahead of him, his prices increasing with demand, this young luthiers guitars are not only superb instruments they could be a great financial investment.

Steve studied the art of guitar making under the tutelage of master luthier Strato Anagnostis, learning what makes a fine and outstanding instrument, before further developing his skills and a thorough understanding in modal tuning and resonant frequencies from Trevor Gore.

Steve’s focus is on traditional style Classical, and Flamenco guitars blended with modern techniques and aspects to make a highly responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and tonally exquisite handmade guitar.

In December 2017 Steve moved his workshop from Newcastle NSW to open up a dedicated 200sq metre luthiers space in Sydney Australia.

Steve also teaches the fine art of Lutherie through the Australian Guitar Making School.


We have a constant supply of guitars from Steve priced between 3000 euro to 6000euro contact us to see what we have in stock.


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