Manuel Adalid (Spain)


Manuel Adalid Balbuena, born in 1951 in Valencia, from an early age and with full dedication, was instructed in the craft of guitar maker by two great masters, Don Antonio Monfort and his father D. Manuel Adalid Lazaro.

Due to his capacity and good work, in 1980 he took over the workshop. With his experience, great knowledge and extensive studies developed in the research of the guitar, he was awarded the title of Master Craftsman.

He currently lectures at international level on the Spanish construction system as well as new technologies applied to the Classical guitar.

Among its wide range of concert guitars without a doubt stands out the La Catedral, by its clear and clean sound, infinite sustain and its extraordinary richness of harmonics.

We have a constant supply of guitars from Manuel contact us to see what we have in stock.



Steve Toscano (Australia)

One of the worlds top up and coming luthiers proudly represented exclusively here in Europe through Guitar Gallery.
Steve Toscano’s instruments are in ever growing high demand, I feel he is fast on the way to becoming one of the greats.

And with many years ahead of him, his prices increasing with demand, this young luthiers guitars are not only superb instruments they could be a great financial investment.

Steve studied the art of guitar making under the tutelage of master luthier Strato Anagnostis, learning what makes a fine and outstanding instrument, before further developing his skills and a thorough understanding in modal tuning and resonant frequencies from Trevor Gore.

Steve’s focus is on traditional style Classical, and Flamenco guitars blended with modern techniques and aspects to make a highly responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and tonally exquisite handmade guitar.

In December 2017 Steve moved his workshop from Newcastle NSW to open up a dedicated 200sq metre luthiers space in Sydney Australia.

Steve also teaches the fine art of Lutherie through the Australian Guitar Making School.


We have a constant supply of guitars from Steve priced between 3000 euro to 6000euro contact us to see what we have in stock.



Hermann Hauser (Germany)

A luthier who needs no introduction

Hermann Hauser III consequently continues his great ancestors´philosophy. “Only build few instruments, so that you can vouch for each single instrument, and only work for few, but content artists”. (Hermann Hauser I).

Beginning in 1974, Hermann Hauser III and his father built guitars independently in the same workshop. Hermann Hauser III provided his instruments with his own numbering and signature. Andres Segovia attested guitars of Hermann Hauser III undescribably beautiful sounds, and Pepe Romero simply calls his Hauser guitar the classical guitar with the purest sound. The secret of the sound of a Hauser guitar is to be found not only in technical processing. Just like his ancestors, Hermann Hauser III cultivates the personal and amicable relations to his guitarists. Depending on the artists´ wishes, he tunes his guitars to specific sound frequencies. Before constructing neck profiles and finger boards, and before determining the length of the strings, there´s a deep analysis of the artist´s needs and demands. It is fundamental, that Hermann Hauser III spends time on studying historical instruments, especially those of his ancestors. From this, both supreme works of restoration of historic guitars and new development of special limited editions, emerge. For his work, Hermann Hauser III received highest awards from professional organisations and highest acknowledgement of the international guitar community. In order to build guitars at a level of highest perfection, he counts on: sure instinct, especially for the guitarist´s way of playing, a feeling for forms, to give musical aesthetics to the instruments, handcraft talent, to correctly process the living resource wood, musicality, to recognize the sonority of the instruments, and, above all: love for the profession.
Manufacturing a guitar takes Hermann Hauser III between 150 and 240 hours of work. A maximum of 17 guitars per year can be output from the Reisbach worshop.
The waiting period for a new instrument is about five years. Because involving plenty of time is the only way for an artistic guitar to arise, just like Andres Segovia wrote into the Hauser family guest book: “A friend for the rest of your life”.

We hold a constant supply of at least 1 new and several 2nd hand guitars from the Hauser family. Contact us to see what we have in stock.


Simon Ambridge (UK)

No doubt the UK’s top living luthier, now proudly represented by Guitar Gallery.

Born in London, in 1951, Simon come from a family with a long tradition of cabinetmaking dating back to the 18th century. Although a keen woodworker from an early age Simon decided to study graphic design before setting up a successful furniture making business in London.

At this point his path was clear;  and was hooked. However, it was a further ten years before it was possible to devote himself to guitar making full time.


We have a constant supply of guitars from Simon, contact us to see what we have in stock.